Interview Tips

Interview Tips

for Prospective Genetic Counseling Training Program Applicants

Congratulations on being invited for an interview at a genetic counseling training program! The following are tips to help you put your best foot forward during the interview.

  • Think of some questions that you think the program(s) might ask you and come up with concise and honest answers with examples in advance. Here are some ideas:

      1. Why do you want to be a genetic counselor?

      2. Why are you interested in our program? (be specific)

      3. What makes you unique as an applicant?

      4. Tell me more about [insert weak spot on your application].

  • Practice your responses, try not to fidget, and make direct eye contact as much as possible

  • To avoid sounding scripted, make bullet point lists of the things you want to cover in the answers of questions you are anticipating and practice stringing them together in different ways

  • Remember that interviews are also your chance to get to know a program, so make sure to have a few questions ready to ask!

  • If you are asked a question you weren’t prepared to answer, don’t panic. You are allowed to take a few brief moments to consider and plan your response before answering.

  • Remember that the interviewers may also be assessing things like how you react to questions, non-verbal communication, warmth, poise, and other communication techniques to get a sense of how you might be as a genetic counselor.

  • Many programs encourage the current genetic counseling students to meet the applicants. Be friendly, and remember that this is part of the interview process too, so try to make a good impression.

  • It’s ok to say you’re nervous, but don’t forget to smile! Let your enthusiasm come through!