About the PGCGP

***Applying to the Prospective Genetic Counselor Guidance Program (PGCGP) is a seasonal opportunity. The application period is open from late June through late July each year. You will be informed of your acceptance or denial to the PGCGP in mid-August. Mentorship will take place from mid-August through the following April 30th.***

Mission: The goal of this program is to provide prospective genetic counseling applicants opportunities to virtually engage with professional Genetic Counselors for the purpose of advancing applications to Genetic Counseling graduate programs, specifically for those applicants without access to local Genetic Counselors.

Genetic Counseling programs have become increasingly competitive with a much larger pool of highly qualified applicants seeking admissions than there are available positions. Many programs require or strongly encourage applicants to have exposure to the field and/or be familiar with the profession. However, when practicing Genetic Counselors are in such high demand, access to local genetic counselors may be limited or nonexistent, which can discourage many prospective applicants from considering the profession.

Applicants accepted into the PGCGP will have a virtual guidance relationship with one of our Genetic Counselor volunteer mentors. Through the guidance relationship, the Genetic Counselor will provide a mentoring experience for those interested in applying to GC graduate programs in the upcoming cycle. Guidance relationships will be reserved for those needing mentoring for identifying areas to strengthen an application to graduate programs, as well as those individuals wanting to implement feedback from programs to improve applications. These will include several phone/email conversations.

Please note: The PGCGP is not affiliated with any genetic counseling graduate program. Participation in the PGCGP does not guarantee acceptance to graduate school.