Cirriculum Vitae (CV)/Resume Tips

Tips for Writing A Good CV

for Admission into Genetic Counseling Training Programs

A curriculum vitae, or CV for short, is a chance to showcase all of your professional work and experiences. A resume, by contrast, provides a single page snapshot.

General Tips:

  • Look online for tips on how to format and draft CVs. There are many examples out there!

  • Make sure each section of your CV is uniform in formatting, font size, and language style

  • CVs can be rearranged depending on your experiences. Keep the impressive and most relevant sections towards the front and the less relevant sections towards the back

  • Just like resumes, use action words to describe what you did and how it made an impact

  • Be concise but descriptive; you do not need to use full sentences

  • Try to avoid abbreviations, as not everyone may know what it stands for

Genetic Counseling Training Programs Tips:

  • Consider including sections like: advocacy experience, teaching experience, research experience, counseling experience, shadowing experience or genetic counseling exposure, and volunteer experience to make it easy for the admission committees to see what experiences you have that directly relate to the field

  • Include things like awards, scholarships, publications, research studies, your thesis, any professional memberships/licenses, any conferences you’ve attended, and other relevant activities or skills

  • Consider including a section with professional interests to show the admissions committee what type of specialty or professional topics you are interested in