Meet the Mentors

Please note that this program is coordinated on a volunteer basis, and response time may vary.

Anna Victorine, MS, CGC

Program Admin

Liz Sheehan, MS, CGC

Program Admin

Courtney Cook, MS, CGC

Program Admin

Elise Watson, MS, CGC

Program Admin

Alexa Rosenblum, MS, CGC

Alora Terry, MS, CGC

Claire McDonald, MS, CGC

Danielle Williams, MS, CGC

Eva Kahn, MS, CGC

Jen Jacober, MS, CGC

Jessica Kottmeier, MS, CGC

Kaitlyn Mason, MS, CGC

Katie Tobik, MS, CGC

Samantha Greenberg, MS, CGC

Vickie Bacon, MS, CGC

Special thanks to our Boise State University Genetic Counseling Program advisor! We couldn't do this without her help!

***The PGCGP is not affiliated with BSU, and participation in this program will not require nor affect applications to their GC program.

Jennifer Eichmeyer, MS, CGC