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Please note that this program is coordinated on a volunteer basis, and response time may vary.

Instagram: Follow us on Instagram at @iwanttobeagc!

Location: Our GC volunteers are located throughout the United States and provide guidance to prospective students virtually via video chat, phone, and email.

Hours: GCs may host a variety of informational opportunities, including CV/resume building, personal statement writing, interview workshops, case conferences, shadowing patients, and one-on-one discussions.  Some of these opportunities (such as shadowing) will take place during working hours.  Applicants will be expected to make time to attend and dress and behave professionally, as they would during any other shadowing opportunity.  If a formal mentorship opportunity is recommended, it may be held in the evenings, or as the Mentor's schedule allows.

Email: If you have other questions not addressed on our website, feel free to email, and we will get back to you as soon as we are able.