Criteria to Apply to PGCGP

Exclusion Criteria

  1. Two or more prior Genetic Counseling shadowing experiences, three or more GC informational interviews, or a combination of both

  2. Current, previous, or pending employment/internship as a Genetic Counseling Assistant (GCA)

  3. Having not previously contacted Genetic Counselors in your area to inquire about shadowing opportunities or informational interviews

Participation Criteria

  1. Current undergraduate or post-grad student, or graduate of either

  2. Individuals applying or intending to (re)apply to genetic counseling graduate programs in the next admission cycle

  3. Lack of local Genetic Counselor shadowing opportunities (please visit the Find a Genetic Counselor website and search for GCs near you prior to applying to our program)

  4. Able and willing to commit to virtual meetings, as set by the Mentor

  5. Completion of Prospective GC Guidance Program application: Apply Now

Please note: The PGCGP is not affiliated with any Genetic Counseling graduate program. Participation in the PGCGP does not guarantee acceptance to graduate school.